AdminLTE v3.2.0 Release

Admin v3.2.0 is out! This article presents the latest evolutions provided by this iconic dashboard template.

AdminLTE - Open-Source, Iconic Dashboard Template
AdminLTE - Open-Source, Iconic Dashboard Template

Hello! This article presents AdminLTE, an iconic dashboard template with 40k+ Github stars and used by more than 24k developers (according to GH stats). The latest release comes with a few nice evolutions and fixes. The product can be downloaded from GitHub under the MIT License and used for commercial products and eLearning activities.


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Promo Bundle for Junior Developers - By Creative-Tim

For newcomers, AdminLTE is a fully responsive administration template. Based on Bootstrap 4.6 framework and also the JS/jQuery plugin. Highly customizable and easy to use. Fits many screen resolutions from small mobile devices to large desktops.

AdminLTE - Calendar Page.
AdminLTE - Calendar Page

The product can be compiled and started with ease in a local environment using a decent version of NodeJS (14.7 and above), GIT, and a modern code editor like VsCode or Atom.

✨ Compile from Sources

Once the sources are downloaded from the official repository, the sources can be compiled via Yarn or NPM. Let's do this!

AdminLTE - Clone/download sources
$ git clone
$ cd AdminLTE
AdminLTE - Clone Sources
AdminLTE - Install modules and start for development
$ npm i         # install modules via NPM
// OR
$ yarn          # install modules via Yarn
$ npm run dev   # start in development mode (with LIVE reload)
// OR
$ yarn dev      # start in development mode (with LIVE reload)
AdminLTE - Start for Development

At this point, we should be able to access AdminLTE in the browser and interact with all pages.

AdminLTE - Default Dashboard.
AdminLTE - Default Dashboard

✨ Release Summary

This section presents a short summary of this update. For full information, feel free to access the official release page. Β 

  • πŸ‘‰ Enhanced Dark Mode
  • πŸ‘‰ SVG Font Awesome Icon support
  • πŸ‘‰ Docker dev-preset
  • πŸ‘‰ Reworked Dark/Light colors
  • πŸ‘‰ Custom Scrollbar style (Non-Plugin-Scrollbar)

The support for Node v12 is officially dropped.

AdminLTE - UI Elements (v3.2.0)
AdminLTE - UI Elements.
AdminLTE - UI Elements

AdminLTE - Charts page (v3.2.0)
AdminLTE - Charts JS Page.
AdminLTE - Charts JS Page

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