DashboardKit - Open-Source Boostrap 5 Template

Open-source Boostrap 5 Dashboard template crafted in Vanilla JS (no jQuery dependency) - DashboardKit can be downloaded from Github under the MIT License.

DashboardKit - Open-Source Bootstrap 5 Design crafted with Vanilla JS
DashboardKit - Free Bootstrap 5 Template

Hello! This article presents DashboardKit, an open-source Dashboard Template crafted with Bootstrap 5 and Vanilla JS (no jQuery dependency). The product can be downloaded from Github and based on the permissive (MIT) license used for commercial end-products. For newcomers, Bootstrap 5 is a leading JS/CSS framework, actively supported by many open-source enthusiasts across the globe.

✨ Product Features

Save your development time with a ready-to-use Bootstrap Admin Template. DashboardKit is made for everyone, no matter you are a novice developer, designer, project manager/owner. It is made by an Elite Author with having 5+ years of experience in dashboard making.

  • Professional UI design
  • Bootstrap 5 UI components with Pure Javascript
  • Fully Responsive, all modern browsers supported
  • Gulp/non-Gulp Support
  • Flexible & High-Performance code
  • Easy Documentation Guide

✨ How to use it

The product can be compiled with ease in a local environment, once we have GIT and a decent NodeJS version (12x, 14x). In order to compile from sources, please follow this simple setup:

👉 Step #1 - Install tools

👉 Step #2 - Download sources from Github
$ git clone https://github.com/codedthemes/dashboard-kit-free-bootstrap-admin-template.git
$ cd dashboard-kit-free-bootstrap-admin-template
DashboardKit - Download Sources

👉 Step #3 - Install Dependencies
$ npm i
// OR
$ yarn 
DashboardKit - Install Modules

👉 Step #4 - Start in development mode  
$ gulp
DashboardKit - Start Project

Once all the above commands are executed, we should see DashboardKit running in the browser.

DashboardKit - Charts & Widgets Page.
DashboardKit - Charts & Widgets Page
DashboardKit - Icons (powered by FeatherIcons)
DashboardKit - Icons Page
DashboardKit - Icons Page
DashboardKit - Auth Page
DashboardKit - Auth Page.
DashboardKit - Auth Page
DashboardKit - UI Tables
DashboardKit - UI Tables Page.
DashboardKit - UI Tables Page

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