Django API Generator for DRF (Free product)

Open-source Django starter built on top of Bootstrap 5 that provides OAuth SignIn (Github), API Generator module for DRF, and Docker support.

Django API Generator for DRF - Soft Dashboard
Django API Generator for DRF - Soft Dashboard

Hello! This article presents the latest features added to Soft UI Dashboard, an open-source Django Starter enhanced with an API Generator module that builds secure APIs on top of DRF using only model definition as input. This feature aims to reduce the time usually required to code a fully-fledged API from scratch. For newcomers, Django is a leading backend framework used to code from simple sites to APIs or complex eCommerce solutions.  

The video material that presents the API Generator feature can be found on YouTube:

Django API Generator - via DRF (free product) 

Steps to generate a new API

The process is fairly simple and should not take more than a few minutes

  • ✅ Step #1 - Edit "apps/" and add a new model
  • ✅ Step #2 - Migrate the database (usual steps)
  • ✅ Step #3 - Execute "python generate-api"
  • ✅ Step #4 - Enable model in "core/" - Section "API_GENERATOR"
  • ✅ Step #5 - Access the API "http://localhost:8000/api/MODEL_NAME/"

At the end of this simple setup, the users should be able to use the generated API using the app, DRF browser UI, or 3rd party tools like POSTMAN.

Django API Generator - DRF UI (free product)
Django API Generator - DRF UI (free product)

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