Django App Generators - Curated List

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Django App Generators - A curated List
Django App Generators - A curated List

Using Django App Generators, also known as project templates or boilerplates, can be a great way for beginners to start a new Django project more easily. These generators provide a preconfigured project structure with some commonly used features, reducing the initial setup time and helping beginners get started quickly.

Here's a list of some popular Django App Generators that beginners can consider:

Django Cookiecutter

Cookiecutter is a tool for creating project templates. There are several Django project templates available through Cookiecutter, including those with configurations for various use cases like REST APIs, web applications, and more.

Django Project Boilerplate

This is a simple and minimal boilerplate for Django projects. It includes basic settings, templates, and folder structure to get you started quickly.


Django-Seed is a command-line tool that generates a Django project with sensible defaults. It includes user authentication, settings, and other common configurations.

Django Starter

Django Starter is a minimal project template for Django beginners. It includes settings, templates, and an example app to help you start your project smoothly.


DjangoX is a full-featured Django starter project that includes user authentication, a Django admin dashboard, and integration with popular libraries like Django REST framework.

Wemake Django Template

Wemake Django Template is a template with a strong focus on code quality and best practices. It includes tools for linting, code formatting, and testing to ensure a high-quality project.

Django Hackathon Starter:

This starter kit is specifically designed for hackathons and includes user registration, authentication, and other features commonly needed in hackathon projects.

Django Rest Framework Starter

If you're building a RESTful API with Django, this starter template is designed to kickstart your project with Django REST framework integration.

Django Wagtail Starter

If you're interested in building content-rich websites, Django Wagtail is a great choice. This starter template provides a starting point for Wagtail-based projects.

Django Vue.js Boilerplate

If you plan to integrate Django with Vue.js for frontend development, this boilerplate provides a setup with Django on the backend and Vue.js on the frontend.

Django App Generator

Besides the above options, the Rocket Generator can also help to bootstrap a new Django Codebase quickly by providing things like extended user model, and DB Models, enabling API Generator, and getting the code in the end. How it works:

  • Select Design
  • Edit the Database Layer (define models)
  • Add Docker Configuration
  • Confirm & Download the code (ZIP & GitHub Repository)
Rocket Generator - Select Design
Django App Generator - Free Service

✅ In Summary

Remember to read the documentation and instructions provided in each repository to learn how to use these templates effectively. These templates can save you time and effort when starting a new Django project, making it easier for beginners to focus on building their applications.  

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