Django Azia - Free Template

Azia Admin Dashboard (free version) designed by BootstrapDash and coded in Django with SQLite database, ORM, and authentication.

Django Azia - Open-Source Django Template
Django Azia - Open-Source Django Template

Hello! This article presents an open-source Django Template crafted with up-to-date dependencies, authentication, and Docker support on top of a distinct dashboard design. Django Azia can be downloaded from Github and used for unlimited commercial end-products or eLearning activities. For newcomers, Django is a leading web framework actively supported and versioned by programming experts and open-source enthusiasts. Thanks for reading!

Azia Admin is an open-source Bootstrap 4 dashboard template, with a unique design and meticulously well-written code.

Beautifully designed and well-coded admin template, Azia Admin comes with excellent support from experts. Built using the latest technologies and up to date with the latest trends and tools.

The most simple way to use the product is via the Docker setup shipped with the product sources.

Step #1 - Clone sources from Github
$ git clone
$ cd django-azia-dashboard
Django Azia - Clone Sources
Step #2 - Start in Docker
$ docker-compose up --build
Django Azia - Start in Docker

Once all the above commands are executed, we can visit the app in the browser, register new users and authenticate.

Django Azia - Login Page.
Django Azia - Login Page
Django Azia - Charts Page
Django Azia - Charts Page.
Django Azia - Charts Page
Django Azia -
Django Azia - Forms Page.
Django Azia - Forms Page

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