Django Datta Able - VIDEO Content (free product)

A few video materials that explain the latest evolutions Django Datta Able - Free starter crafted by AppSeed.

Django Datta Able - Updated to support CI/Cd and Theme-able UI
Django Datta Able - Updated to support CI/Cd and Theme-able UI

Hello! Datta Able, an open-source starter powered by Django, has been updated to a newer, simplified codebase, theme-able design, and CI/CD via Render. Starting with the latest version, the design is provided by an external library usable in any Django project (new or legacy) and the LIVE deployment can be done without much effort using the deployment scripts configured for Render. Β All new features are explained in these videos published on YouTube. Thanks for reading!

This material explains how to deploy the product LIVE on Render and use built-in CI/CD flow. Once the product is deployed, any changes made in the codebase are automatically reflected in the LIVE version. Β 

Django Datta Able - Go LIVE

The 2nd video showcases the Docker support that allows us to start the project without typing all the manual commands.

Django Datta Able - Start with Docker

The last material explains how to compile the start of the product using the manual setup, with all the steps like creating a new virtual environment, installing the modules, migrating the database, and creating a superuser.

In the end, the product is up and running on port 8000 (Django default).

Django Datta Able - Manual Build 

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