Django React Berry - Open-Source Full-Stack Starter

Open-source Full-stack seed project crafted in Django and React on top of Berry Dashboard, a pixel-perfect design from CodedThemes.

Django React Berry - Full-Stack Starter.
Django React Berry - Full-Stack Starter

This article presents an open-source full-stack product crafted in React and Django on top of Berry Dashboard design, a pixel-perfect template provided by CodedThemes.  Django React Berry can be downloaded from Github without a registration lock and used for hobby and commercial projects based on the permissive MIT License. For newcomers, Django is a leading web framework built by experienced developers, and React is probably the most popular library for coding user interfaces.    

Django React Berry - Colors Page
Django React Berry - Colors Page

Product Features

This open-source starter comes with a production-ready codebase enhanced with JWT token authentication powered by a simple, yet powerful, Django API Server.

  • Modern aesthetics UI design: Berry Dashboard
  • React, Redux, Redux-persist
  • Authentication: JWT Login/Register/Logout
  • Backend: Django API Server

Berry is a creative open-source admin dashboard template build using React and Material-UI library. It is a complete game-changer React Dashboard Template with an easy and intuitive responsive design as on retina screens or laptops.

Berry uses the latest dependencies for React, Material-UI Library, Icons, Apex Charts, React-Redux, React-Router. For a complete snapshot, please access the package.json published on Github.

Django React Berry - Icons Page.
Django React Berry - Icons Page
Pages and Components

The free version of Berry comes with 9 pre-built pages that might be enough even for commercial projects. The existing codebase can be extended with ease by adding new components and pages on top of existing ones - Provided Pages:

  • Dashboard: 1 page
  • Authentication: Login & Register
  • Blank Page: 1 starter
  • Utility pages: Typography, Color, Shadow, and Icons
Django React Berry - Grid Page.
Django React Berry - Grid Page

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