Django Soft Dashboard PRO - Extended Profiles, Improved AUTH

Premium Django Starter crafted with authentication, helpers, and Docker support on top of a pixel-perfect Bootstrap 5 Design.

Django Soft PRO - Latest features and updates
Django Soft PRO - Latest features and updates

Hello! This article presents the latest features of Django Soft Dashboard PRO, a premium seed project released by AppSeed. The product now supports extended profiles for users, complete user management outside of the admin section (for superusers), improved authentication, and FTP storage for files.

All new features are presented in a short video published on YouTube. Here is the transcript:

  • βœ… Start the product
  • βœ… Register and authenticate a new user
  • βœ… Edit the profile
  • βœ… Suspend the user by providing wrong passwords three consecutive times
  • βœ… Authenticate using a superuser account
  • βœ… Visualize and edit the users
Django Extended User Profile - Django Soft PRO

For those familiar with Docker, a 2nd video that explains how to compile and start the product in less than one minute is also provided.

Start Django App in Docker - Soft Dashboard PRO

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