Flask App Generator - Black Dashboard Design

Video material that explains how to use AppSeed and generate a simple dashboard on top of Flask - Sources are saved on Github.

App Generator for Flask - Free Service (multiple designs)
App Generator for Flask - Free Service (multiple designs)

Hello! This article explains how to use the App Generator (free service) and build a simple seed project enhanced with database, authentication, and Docker support on top of Flask, a popular backend service powered by Python. The demonstration which includes all steps from accessing the service, project customization and local usage is recorded in a video material published on Youtube.

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App Generator for Flask - Black Dashboard Design

Video Transcript

  • ✅ Access the generator: https://appseed.us/generator/
  • ✅ Select the Black Dashboard design
  • ✅ Customize the project (database & deployment)
  • ✅ Confirm the action and generate the code.
  • ✅ Download the source code
  • ✅ Start the project in Docker

At the end of the process, the final starter should be similar to the one mentioned below, with a database, usable session-based authentication, and Docker support.

Black Dashboard Starter - Gif animated presentation.
Black Dashboard Starter - Gif animated presentation. 

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