(Video) Flask OAuth with Github - Datta Able PRO

This material presents how to authenticate with Github using Flask Datta Able, a premium starter provided by AppSeed.

Flask OAuth for Github - Datta Able PRO (video presentation)
Flask OAuth for Github - Datta Able PRO (video presentation)

Hello! This article presents the latest features added to Datta Able, a premium seed project powered by Flask. The product now supports OAuth with Github and Twitter, extended user profiles, and self-account deletion. Β 

The video presentation of the mentioned features is published on Youtube and also can be visualized here:

Flask OAuth with Github (Datta Able PRO)

✨ Video Transcript

  • βœ… Create a new user via Github OAuth
  • βœ… Edit the profile information
  • βœ… Associate an email address
  • βœ… Access the ADMIN page (all users listed)
  • βœ… Explore the automatic suspension option

For complete information about this premium Flask Starter, feel free to access the product page or chat with the support team.

Thank You!