Build Flask & Stripe eCommerce and Deploy LIVE

This material explains how to build a simple eCommerce powered by Stripe & Flask and publish LIVE the product on Render.

Code a mini eCommerce with Flask & Stripe - VIDEO
Code a mini eCommerce with Flask & Stripe - VIDEO

Hello! This article mentions a video material that explains how to code a simple eCommerce solution using Flask & Stripe on top of a modern Bootstrap 5 Design. The source code of the starter can be downloaded from GitHub and the deployment is automatized using a free library. Thanks for reading!  

VIDEO Transcript

  • ✅ Fork the product and download the sources
  • ✅ Install the dependencies
  • ✅ Create a new user
  • ✅ Save Stripe secrets in env file
  • ✅ Start the app & Authenticate
  • ✅ Import the products and edit the local information
  • ✅ Deploy on RENDER using the Python wrapper
Build a mini Flask & Stripe Ecommerce

Products Edit Page - Stripe & Local products  
Mini eCommerce Flask & Stripe - Edit Products
Mini eCommerce Flask & Stripe - Edit Products 

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