Flask Template Bootstrap - Pixel Lite Design

Pixel Lite is an ope-source Flask Bootstrap Template provided by AppSeed on top of a modern Bootstrap 5 design from Themesberg - the product can be downloaded without an account.

Flask Template Bootstrap - Pixel Lite Design

This article presents an open-source Flask Bootstrap Template generated by the AppSeed platform on top of Pixel Lite, a modern design from Themesberg. The product can be downloaded from the product page (no registration lock) and used for unlimited hobby and commercial products. For newcomers, Flask is a lightweight web framework designed to start a new web project with ease. Thanks for reading!

A nice web page with a top menu bar, a vintage photo frame of an young man and a some text below, al provided by Pixel Lite, an open-source Flask Bootstrap Template.
Flask Template Bootstrap - Pixel Lite.

Using Flask for presentation websites might be a good choice if we take into account the built-in lightweight architecture and the small learning curve required to code something from zero using this framework. Let's take a look at a simple app coded in Flask that shows a classic Hello World in the browser:

from flask import Flask 
app = Flask(__name__) 
def hello_world(): 
    return 'Hello Flask!' 
if __name__ == '__main__': 
Hello World in Flask

To execute this code, we need to type a few simple commands in the terminal:

Command #1 - Install Flask using PIP, the official package manager for Python

$ pip install flask
Install Flask using PIP

Command #2 - Execute the code via Python interpreter

$ python3 app.py
Execute Flask Project

By visiting the localhost:5000 address in the browser, we should see our "Hello World" message:

Hello World from Flask.
Hello World from Flask.

In the same way, we can build from sources our simple Flask Bootstrap Template. To do so, we need to access the product page and download the code or simply access the public repository and follow up the build instructions provided by the README file.

For a successfull build a minimal programming kit is required: Python3, GIT and a modern code editor like VsCode or Atom.

Step #1 - Clone/ download the code

$ git clone https://github.com/app-generator/flask-pixel-lite.git
$ cd flask-pixel-lite
Clone Flask Template Sources

Step #2 - Install modules using a Virtual Environment

$ virtualenv env
$ source env/bin/activate
$ # Install requirements
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
Install Project Modules

Step #3 - Set up the environment

$ export FLASK_APP=run.py
Export FLASK_APP variable

Step #4 - Start the project

$ flask run
$ # Access the app in browser:
Start the Flask Project

If all goes well, we should see the login page of Flask Pixel Lite visible in the browser. By default, the app redirects the guest users to authenticate (login page). Once the user passes the login, all private pages are visible:

A modern web page with an office location in the background and a authentication form with username and password fields, all provided by Pixel Lite, an open-source Flask Bootstrap template.
Flask Bootstrap Template - Login Page.
Flask Bootstrap Template - Contact Form
Flask Bootstrap Template - Digital Agency Page.
Flask Bootstrap Template - Digital Agency Page.

Pixel - Free Bootstrap 5 UI KIT

At the end of this article, we should say a few words about this amazing kit provided for free by Themesberg. Pixel is an open-source Bootstrap 5 based user interface kit featuring over 80 fully coded UI elements and example pages that will help you prototype and build a website for your next project.

80+ Components - Pixel is an extension of the Bootstrap 5 CSS framework with a focus on heavy styling customization but also with components that are not found by default in the framework, such as new cards, date pickers, timeline items, and the example pages that we’ve crafted.

Prebuilt Sample Pages - landing page, about page, contact page, and the sign-in and sign-up pages. Need more? Try the PRO version: Pixel Bootstrap 5 PRO

Pixel Lite - Modern Bootstrap 5 Design.
Pixel Lite - Modern Bootstrap 5 Design.

Thanks for reading! For more resource, please access:
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