Flask VOLT Pro #Updated

Premium Flask starter crafted on top of Volt Design, updated with CI/CD scripts, improved Docker support an other UI/UX enhancements.

Flask Volt PRO - #UPDATED
Flask Volt PRO - #UPDATED

Hello! This article presents the latest update of Flask Volt PRO, a popular starter recently updated to support CI/CD flow, CDN support, improved DB management, and some other changes related to UI/UX. Thanks for reading!

Here is the complete list of Flask Volt features:

  • βœ… CI/CD flow via Render
  • βœ… Database, Silent fallback to SQLite
  • βœ… Authentication, Session Based
  • βœ… Docker, Page Compression via Flask-Minify

For more, please access the LIVE Demo or this video material published on YouTube:

Flask Volt PRO - #updated

Thanks for reading! For more resources, feel free to access: