Free Admin Dashboard - Django Atlantis Dark

Open-source Admin Dashboard crafted in Django on top of a dark-themed design: Atlantis Lite. The product can be downloaded directly from Github (MIT License).

The page shows a dark-themed dashboard with a left menu and for colorful charts in the center of the page.
Open-Source Admin Dashboard - Django Atlantis Lite

This article presents an open-source dashboard crafted in Flask on top of a dark-themed Bootstrap4 design: Atlantis Lite. The product has been recently updated with a new codebase structure, SCSS compilation tooling, and Docker scripts. For newcomers, Django is a leading web framework coded in Python by experts using a batteries-included concept.

Django Atlantis Dark - product page (constains DEMO and sources)
The page shows a left menu and a colorful maps in the center of the page. The product is an open-source admin dashboard crafted in Flask by AppSeed.
Free Admin Dashboard - Maps Page.

The most simple way to build or deploy the product is to follow up the Docker setup as described in the official documentation.

Step #1 - Download the source from the product page

$ unzip
$ cd django-dashboard-atlantis-dark
Free Dashboard - Download Sources

Step #2 - Start the product in Docker

$ docker-compose pull
$ docker-compose build
$ docker-compose up
Free Dashboard - Start in Docker

Once the above commands are executed, we can visit the product in the browser and interact with the UI on the address http://localhost:85

Free Admin Dashboard Flask Atlantis Dark - Timeline Widget.
Free Admin Dashboard - Timeline Widget.

Atlantis Lite Design

Atlantis Lite is a free bootstrap 4 admin dashboard that is beautifully and elegantly designed to display various metrics, numbers or data visualization. This open-source admin dashboard has 2 layouts, many plugins, and UI components.

Atlantis Lite comes with a rich UI, pre-built pages, and other assets to help developers create dashboards quickly and effectively so they can save development time and also help users to make the right and fast decisions based on existing data - crafted by Themekita.

Django Atlantis Dark - LIVE demo
Free Admin Dashboard Flask Atlantis Dark - Charts & Widgets.
Free Admin Dashboard - Charts & Widgets.

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