Go LIVE with Django - Datta Able (FREE)

Open-Source Django starter updated to support CI/CD flow, improved Docker scripts and persistent dark-mode - Crafted by AppSeed.

Datta Able - Free Django Starter crafted by AppSeed
Datta Able - Free Django Starter crafted by AppSeed

Hello! The video mentioned in this article highlights the latest features of Datta Able, a popular open-source starter powered by Django. The latest version provides an improved Docker set up, CI/CD flow, and minor fixes regarding the UI. For newcomers, Django is a powerful backend framework actively supported and versioned by programming experts. Β Thanks for reading!

Datta Able Bootstrap Lite is a lightweight Admin Template that comes with high feature-rich pages and components with fully developer-centric code - designed from CodedThemes.

Django Datta Able - Go LIVE

During the demonstration, this open-source starter is deployed LIVE on Render and also started locally using Docker.

Once the product is up & running, we can create new users, authenticate and access the private pages hidden by default for guest users.

Django Datta Able - Chart Page, crafted by AppSeed
Django Datta Able - Chart Page

With performance, Datta Able rendering is fast in all major browsers. It passed through a good score in Google Page Speed, Pingdom, GT Metrix. Β This admin panel is fully responsive and tested on all retina devices.

Django Datta Able - Login Page, crafted by AppSeed
Django Datta Able - Login Page

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