Kanban Board Bootstrap & React - A curated list

A curated list with open-source and commercial products that provide an interactive Kanban Board.

Kanban Board Bootstrap & React - A curated list

This article presents a curated list of open-source and commercial projects that implement a Kanban board at the functional level or just at the UI level (Kanban Template). Content will start with the open-source functional project available for download from Github and continue with a few commercial products. For newcomers, a Kanban board is a tool that allows visual management of a team tasks fact that might improve drastically the productivity.

User interactions over a Kanban board, app provided by Kboard, an open-source Kanban app coded in React and Django.
Kanban Board - Open Source App.


This is an open-source, pure JS library that allows us to create and manage a Kanban page in our project with ease. The library is built on top of dragula drag & drop API. The product has a really nice API and documentation and seems to be very active if we take into account the Github project commits for the last 6mo.

jKanban - Open-source Kanban library.
jKanban - Open-source Kanban library


A simple Kanban app, fully coded in Django and React. The product is licensed under the MIT schema and source code is available for download on Github.

React Frontend - The product has a nice and minimalist UI built with Material UI and Emotion, Typescript, React Components, Redux, and react-beautiful-dnd library.

Backend Server - The API that empowers this project is built in Django, DRF library for the API interface, PostgreSQL for persistence, and Django built-in ORM for data query.

A colorful Kanban page with a blue left menu and for columns with multiple card on each columns.
KnBoard - built in React and Django.


This project, also built with React and Django, comes with a simple UI where all elements (boards, columns, cards) are created using modal controls. The public repository seems untouched since 2018 without active issues opened or PRs.

Django React Kanban - Open-source Project.
Django React Kanban - Open-source Project

Kanban Board - Soft UI Dashboard

This Kanban page is just a template provided by Soft UI Dashboard without the functional code or database persistence.  This commercial product comes with an open-source version available for download without a registration lock from Github (the link is available on the product page).

A nice Kanban Board with a gray left menu and beautiful cards organised on three columns, all provided by Soft UI Dashboard, the premium version.
Kanban Board - Soft UI Dashboard PRO

Kanban Board - Volt Dasboard PRO

Volt PRO is a modern Bootstrap 5 design crafted by Themesberg that provides in the latest version a really nice Kanban board template. The page has no active backend or database persistence but might be used as a starting point for a real interactive Kanban dashboard with a fancy UI.

A beautiful Kanban Board with colorful cards organised on for columns, all provided by Volt Dashboard, the premium version.
Kanban Board - Volt Dashboard PRO

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