Nuxt LandingPro

Free Nuxt Template with several additional features that are eye-catching and elegantly designed by AdminMart

Nuxt LandingPRO - Free starter crafted by AdminMart
Nuxt LandingPRO - Free starter crafted by AdminMart

Hello! This article presents LandingPRO, a modern Nuxt Template crafted and released for free by the AdminMart agency. This starter provides a simple, intuitive codebase that can be easily extended to a fully-fledged application.

Nuxt LandingPRO - UI Component (free template by AdminMart)
Nuxt LandingPRO - UI Component

With its sleek design, LandingPRO Template gives your next project a professional and engaging look. It has everything you need to create an amazing web template.

Core Features
  • ✅ Vue 3+
  • ✅ NuxtJs 3+
  • ✅ Vuetify
  • ✅ 10+ Stunning Designed Sections
  • ✅ 10+ UI components added
  • ✅ 1 Basic Landing page
  • ✅ Code Splitting
  • ✅ Google Fonts
  • ✅ Easy Folder Structure
  • ✅ Organized Code Structure
  • ✅ The Hassle-free Setup Process

This free version comes with an elegant grid design that helps you play around with the look and feel of the web app the way you want.

Nuxt LandingPRO - Testimonial Component (free starter crafted by AdminMart)
Nuxt LandingPRO - Testimonial Component

✅ Resources

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