Django DataTables [VIDEO]

A comprehensive video material about the Data Table module provided by Rocket Django, an open-source starter styled with Tailwind.

Django DataTables - Module provided by Rocket Django
Django Data Tables - Module provided by Rocket Django

The video mentioned in this article presents the Data Table feature of Rocket Django. This open-source starter, besides data tables, provides a solid codebase that includes chartsAPICelery Support, and a pixel-perfect UI styled with Tailwind/Flowbite.

👉  Django Data Table Module - the LIVE demo

The product can be downloaded from GitHub and based on the permissive license, used in SaaS or Hobby (unlimited) projects.

Rocket Django - Data Tables Module

Authenticated users can update, delete, or create new items that are automatically showcased on the charts page:

Rocket Django - Charts Page, powered by Apex JS
Rocket Django - Charts Page, powered by Apex JS

The product is continuously updated based on the user's feedback and issues reported on GitHub.

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