Sneat - Free Bootstrap 5 Template

Open-Source Bootstrap 5 Template crafted by ThemeSelection - Sneat Dashboard can be used in commercial projects.

Sneat Bootstrap 5 - Open-Source provided by ThemeSelection
Sneat Bootstrap 5 - Open-Source provided by ThemeSelection

Hello! This article presents an open-source Bootstrap 5 Template crafted and released for free by ThemeSelection. Sneat Dashboard Template is a colorful design that comes with pre-built pages for (almost) anything: SASS projects, CRM, and Analytics.

For newcomers, Bootstrap is a leading JS/CSS framework used to code interactive user interfaces actively supported and versioned by programming experts.

Sneat Bootstrap 5 (Open-Source) - Charts Page
Sneat Bootstrap 5 (Open-Source) - Charts Page 

If you’re a developer looking for the latest Free Bootstrap 5 dashboard that is developer-friendly, rich with features, and highly customizable look no further than Sneat.

The product offers the ultimate convenience and flexibility, you’ll be able to build whatever application you want with very little hassle.

✨ Product Features

Sneat is also equipped with invaluable features designed to help you create premium-quality apps exactly as you imagine them.

  • βœ… Based on Bootstrap 5
  • βœ… Vertical layout
  • βœ… Dashboard Page
  • βœ… Authentication Pages
  • βœ… Organized Folder Structure
  • βœ… Clean & Commented Code

Sample Pages - If you want to get inspiration or just show something directly to your clients, you can jump-start your development with our pre-built example pages.

Sneat Bootstrap 5 (Open-Source) - Box Icons
Sneat Bootstrap 5 (Open-Source) - Box Icons

Sneat Bootstrap 5 (Open-Source) - Colorful Cards
Sneat Bootstrap 5 (Open-Source) - Colorful Cards

Sneat Bootstrap 5 (Open-Source) - UI Tables
Sneat Bootstrap 5 (Open-Source) - UI Tables

What IS Bootstrap

Bootstrap is an open-source front-end framework that simplifies the process of designing and developing responsive and visually appealing web applications and websites.

It was originally created by Twitter and is now maintained as an open-source project with contributions from developers worldwide.

What IS Bootstrap - Tutorial provided by AppSeed.
What is Bootstrap - Tutorial Provided by AppSeed

Bootstrap is built on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and offers a collection of pre-designed templates, components, and styles to help streamline web development.

βœ… In Summary​

Bootstrap is a popular choice for web developers, especially those looking to create responsive and well-designed websites quickly.

It can save a significant amount of time and effort by providing a solid foundation for web projects, allowing developers to focus on building functionality and customizing the user experience.

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