(Video) Django OAuth for GitHub - Volt Dashboard

Free starter built on top of Bootstrap 5 and Django with Database, DB Tools, OAuth via Github, and Docker Support - Volt Dashboard Design.

Django OAuth for Github - Video Presentation
Django OAuth for Github - Video Presentation

Hello! This article presents the latest features added to Django Volt Dashboard, a popular open-source starter, using a short video published on YouTube. The product now supports OAuth SignIN via Github, improved Docker scripts, and updated authentication pages for a nicer user experience. For newcomers, Django is a leading backend framework actively supported and versioned by programming experts and open-source enthusiasts.

Django OAuth for Github - Bootstrap 5 Design

✨ Product Highlights

This Bootstrap 5 design, crafted by Themesberg, is now integrated with Django, a popular framework built on top of Python. The codebase provides a few basic features that might help developers and designers bootstrap fast a new project.

  • βœ… Up-to-date dependencies
  • βœ… Database: MySql, SQLite
  • βœ… Session-Based authentication
  • βœ… Β Social Login (optional) for GitHub
  • βœ… Docker Scripts

The product can be started in a local environment in less than 1 minute using the Docker setup shipped with the product. Here are the steps:

πŸ‘‰ Step #1 - Download and unzip the sources from the product page
$ git clone https://github.com/app-generator/django-volt-dashboard.git
$ cd django-volt-dashboard 
πŸ‘‰ Step #2 - Start the APP in Docker
$ docker-compose up --build 

Once the above commands finish the execution, we should be able to access the app in the browser, register new users, and access the profile page.

Django Volt Dashboard - User Profile Page (Free Starter)
Django Volt Dashboard - User Profile Page (Free Starter)

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