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Learn how to become an editor on this platform and publish your own content.

How to become an editor on Admin-Dashboards
How to become an editor on Admin-Dashboards

Hello! Because this blog has become a source of information for many developers, designers, freelancers, and StartUPs, we decide to open the platform for inspired editors and marketers able to provide high-quality content to our select audience.  

✨ How it works
  • ✅ Edit end submit your content to us
  • ✅ Our team will review and curate the article
  • ✅ The article goes LIVE

The price for each article is provided in two tiers:

  • 👉 BASIC Plan: the content is published on this blog
  • 👉 PRO Plan: The Article is cross-published here and also on AppSeed, Ui-Themes and Medium.

The payments are processed via GUMROAD or PayPal. Here are the links:

The above pricing might be discounted for bulk sales. For more information, send an email using this address:

✉️ Contact Email: